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About OutRig

OutRig! is a personal initiative to preserve multihull history, including appropriate stories sent in by individuals like you. It began informally in 1997 when Scott Brown, a Canadian cinematographer and multihull enthusiast, and Jim Brown, a long-time multihull proponent, bumped into each other at the Annapolis boat show. The two browns are not related, but soon found themselves on common ground with their interest in preserving multihull history. Scott was collecting “archival multihull footage” and wanted to arrange for on-camera interviews with many of the “aging multihull luminaries” with whom Jim was personally acquainted. And so it began.

With the cooperation of many individuals – especially that of Mr. Lyles Forbes, Chief Curator at The Mariners Museum, Newport News, Virginia, this Project has resulted in the world’s largest collection of historical materials concerning modern multihulls. Literally tons of publications, photographs, movies, design drawings, documents, artifacts and memorabilia are now professionally archived at the Museum’s world class library where they are accessible to anyone. Scott and Jim retain and are still gathering audio, video and digital text materials. All of it – everything – will eventually be deeded to The Museum, but while the collection is still building we are now beginning to share this legacy on line. In response, we are hoping to receive – and to post here – a plethora of multihull related stories from people like you

The considerable costs of gathering this trove have thus far been sustained by a very few, very magnanimous supporters. Nevertheless, much remains to be done. Our focus to date has been on gathering the video memoirs and tangible collections of the early-modern multihull trail blazers. We have almost caught up with Father Time, but there are still several senior and many younger multihull progenitors whose lives and work are yet to be (as they say in curatorial lingo) “accessioned.” In order to really “get the stuff,” ongoing, we have always hoped to find some way to make the Project self-sustaining.

Providence! Shortly before our official Site launching in March, 2010) we were contacted by a web-based publisher who, by special arrangement, will publish a variety of multihull information products gathered by The OutRig! Project. These productions will come in several media: print, audio, video and on-line downloads, and will be made available via Pay Pal to the membership of a new Website, Net proceeds from this venture will be divided equally between the “.org” and the “.com" entities, and that should greatly help to put the OutRig! Project in the black. We see this convergence as indeed providential for fulfilling our mantra ... Sharing The Lore.

As explained in the Your Story link, we do not offer to pay for the privilege of posting your story here on However, anything you submit to us is automatically copyrighted to you by federal law and remains your own “intellectual property.” Should your story create a lively interest here it may be selected for inclusion in our planned yearly anthology called The Best of OutRig! or other commercial product. Be assured that nothing of yours will be used commercially by OutRig! without your permission, but also be aware that once posted on the internet it may be hard to sell elsewhere.

We know there are thousands of multihull-related stories out there pleading to be told, and has been established as the place to do it.  So if you have a story to share that you think will fit nicely within the mulithull timeline you find here at OutRig then please share it with us.  We'd love to see it!

Thanks for coming. We hope you enjoy grazing around the Site.

If you like multihulls, seafaring adventure and nautical history,

We think you’ll discover some tasty stuff here.

So… Shall we OutRig! ?